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The Chain

Like a chain letter, but for getting an incoming channel.
Pay a fee, open a channel to the selected node, someone else opens a channel to you.

  • Step 1

    Enter your node details

    Enter the pubkey and connection details for your lightning node.

  • Step 2

    Pay the fee

    Pay the 14000 satoshis fee (using Lightning!)

  • Step 3

    Open a channel

    Once you’ve paid and moved to the next step, you’ll be told the node at the top of the chain. You then open a channel with that node.

  • Step 4

    (Once confirmed) your node is added

    Once this server confirms that a channel of the appropriate size has been opened, the top node is removed from the chain and the next node becomes available for the next payer. Your node is added to the bottom of the chain, and should gradually make its way to the top of the chain to receive its inbound channel.

  • That’s
    All There
    Is To It!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth the money?


Aren’t chain letters bad?


Is this a good idea?

Probably not.

Shouldn’t this be free?

Maybe. But then I’d have learned nothing about LND payment integration.

How much does it cost?

14000 satoshis.

What is Lightning?

I... I think you may be in the wrong place. (The Lightning Network is a layer-2 payment protocol for blockchains. This site is specifically using Lightning for bitcoin mainnet.)

Can I join the chain multiple times?

You can do this as many times as you like. You’ll have to pay 14000 satoshis each time though, and if you’re already the head of the chain you won’t be able to open a channel with yourself.

Is there a minimum channel size requirement?

Yes. When this server looks to see if you have opened the channel, it checks for a minimum channel size of 125000 satoshis. Channel sizes larger than that are fine too.

Shouldn’t the chain have a fixed size, one-in, one-out?

Yeah, but it’s complicated. I’d like to have a buffer of a few nodes available so that I can still give you a node to open a channel with if you’ve already got a channel with the node at the head of the chain. (I imagine it would be frustrating being told you need to open a new channel to a node when you already have an existing channel there...) Also I don’t ‘lock’ chain entries, so it’s possible that there’s a window where the head of the chain will be seen by two (or more) users and will have two (or more) channels opened against it, while the chain grows in length by one (or more).


Some guides to help you Get Connected.

Incoming Channels

How to get others to open channels to your Lightning node? How many channels is too many?


Day-to-Day Management (TBD)

How to keep your node running smoothly.


Hints & Tips (TBD)

Some useful hints and tips on running your node.


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